Bespoke Survey Platform

Company Size : 50+ employees
Sector : Sports & Merchandising


Undertaking a branding review and seeking to engage extensive input from both selected feedback groups and from the general public.

Available survey systems failed to support multiple languages and precise presentation control, prompting a bespoke software implementation.


  1. To support peak response rates linked to media coverage.
  2. Dual-language support, with response language tracking.
  3. Data export and simple analysis.
  4. Configurable questionnaire and ready for re-use.
  5. Public front-end to use professional graphic design.


ADECSYS implemented a custom survey system that integrated with their existing website with a flawless design implementation. The design and hosting specification ensured that all visitors to the survey site were processed in a timely and responsive manner.

The survey configuration supported multiple question types, as well as respondent classifications.

The analysis facility was driven by the classification configuration and supported both online queries and download for off-line processing.

Each respondent was given the opportunity to provide their email details, for inclusion in newsletter mailings, and the emails were accessible from the administration facility, with anonymity preserved, of course.

Key Benefits

The survey was successfully conducted over a 5 week period, with over 15,000 responses.

Analysis and reporting allowed for detailed analysis used as valuable input to the new branding.

Survey technology remains available for future surveys