Membership Management

Organisation Size : Council & 1 Administrator; 400 Members
Sector : Rural Lobby Group


Membership was managed using 4 constantly evolving spreadsheets, with many spawned copies for specific purposes and reporting. In addition, another 10 spreadsheets listed contact details for external contractors, advisors, media and sponsor contacts.

The organisation ran a number of functions throughout the year, with special rates and arrangements for members, but no easy way to identify current members, especially when taking bookings close to the event.

The coordination and management of the continuously evolving membership body caused considerable workload and afforded opportunities of missing membership renewal dates and other revenue impacting loopholes.


  1. To simplify and standardise the management of membership and membership renewal tracking.
  2. To enable a Members Area on their existing website, so that members can update their details and register for upcoming events.
  3. To facilitate easy communications with different groups of members, council and other contacts.


ADECSYS implemented a membership management system based on their BusinessManager+ platform that allows full management of a member in their various stages, with automatic membership expiry management and easy access to issue emails or newsletters to each group of members, council members, ex-members and other groups.

The Members Area was built to integrate with their BusinessManager+ installation, with control over each member’s access. In addition to supporting member profile and event registration, this facility was extended to provide access to membership publications, a statement of member accounts and a history of all emails sent through the system.

The integration of bulk email, SMS and letter generation capabilities ensures that communication with specific membership and contact groups is efficient and effective, all driven from within the system, and with the system retaining records indefinitely too.

Key Benefits

Administration efforts were reduced by approx. 30%, with members now capable of certain levels of self manangement.

Event communication and registration is almost fully automated, and fully integrated with their website, both for members and non-members.

The system facilitated a temporary administrator to provide materinty cover, while retaining services and reporting levels.

Handover to a new administrator as part of a natural succession was easily planned and much simplified, and again continuity was assured during the transistion period.