Brand Assets Manager

Company Size : 500+ employees
Sector : Sports & Merchandising


Manual response to requests for logos, guidelines and templates by email. Locating correct file versions and file type / resolutions and ensuring that correct guidelines were enclosed increased workload. Multiple requests per day project to increase 100-fold during brand update period.

Issues sending multiple large files over public email networks, resulting in frequent resends and difficulties.


  1. To facilitate a high level of user self service, where permitted
  2. To categorise assets according to type, application and organisation structure.
  3. Restrict selected assets for case-by-case approval
  4. Retain records to facilitate reporting and usage analysis
  5. To be branded to the client’s graphic design guidelines and standards, across all platforms


ADECSYS delivered the Brand Assets Manager as a hosted software solution (SaaS), branded to the highest standards and with training to enable the client to prepare all content in advance of the launch of their revised branding. All assets include a preview image, are linked to guideline documents and can be uploaded in multiple formats, including JPEG, TIFF, MPEG, PDF, docx, EPS and more.

Access requests are approved by the client’s Brand Manager, granting permission to freely retrieve files with the option of setting additional approval for selected assets. Restricted assets are download limited, but all assets are retain in the user’s history and are available for site wide reporting and analysis.

The Brand Assets Manager also supports the sending of assets or other large files to registered contacts, avoiding the limitations imposed by email networks and software.

Key Benefits

The software was delivered on time, within budget and proved itself to be an invaluable contributor to the successful rollout of the revised brand in 2008. It has continuted to serve the client’s external community since then, providing access to logos and templates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.