First Contacts

We generally start our client engagement over a cuppa or two. It’s all about getting to know each other and also to discuss general objectives and ambitions.

If we are aware of an existing software system or services that can address the needs, we’ll always share the knowledge. It’s better to use an existing system rather than building something from scratch, assuming that it solves the need.

Requirements Workshop

When we become involved in a new undertaking, we arrange a workshop for key stakeholders, so that we all work through some detail, with a view to determining a goal priority list and to dive a little deeper on higher priority items. These workshops typically run for 3 hours, and there’ll always be a little homework for both parties, and is a key step towards scoping and costing the first deliverable.

Incremental Delivery

Our method is to get to a working product as soon as feasible. By its nature, it’s not complete, but will provide the first tangible system and facilitates real feedback at a very early stage.

Thereafter, it’s update the system with each capability as it happens, sometimes daily but no later than weekly. This means that the software starts adding value to the client relatively early into the project, especially where processes are automated. It also means that we can adjust the priorities along the way. The additional benefit from early exposure is that key users become familiar with the software before it goes live, ensuring that departmental expert users are already in place.

Review. Rinse & Repeat.

We work closely with the project sponsor during development. At the end of the project, we’ll actively review the outcomes to improve our processes.

We work at our client’s pace. In some cases, we may schedule the next phase to follow immediately, or in others, there may be a gap of a few months while our clients determine a new set of priorities.

Our software consistently delivers benefits for many years, with numerous systems still underpinning business activity 10 or more years since first commissioned.