Project / Job Tracking

Company Size : 11 employees
Company Age : 11 years
Sector : Specialist Building Services


Enquiries, quotations and job instructions were recorded paper-based “triplicate book”, with all the fun of reading handwritten notes and tracking changes.

Photographs were stored on an Office PC without any direct link to quotation numbers, etc.

Multiple spreadsheets to manage work rosters and to track customer project histories.


  1. To enable profiled queries on customer activity to help with marketing for repeat business
  2. To streamline day-to-day activites
  3. To facilitate easy retrieval of project photos, for marketing and customer service purposes
  4. To track project status and support effective delegation


ADECSYS implemented a business management system based on BusinessManager+ to implement both the workflow and data structures represented by the triplicate form, supporting efficient repeat enquiries as well as new ones.

The flexible integrated cloud-storage facility completely satisfied the storage requirements, allowing for potentially unlimited storage with instant access in a cost effective manner.

Documents previously generated manually or from triplicate book are generated from within the system, branded to the company and ready for sending to the customer or to go onsite.

Reporting and query engine supported the business need for targetted communications, with automatic retention of emails and notes to coordinate activities.

Key Benefits

Regular email newsletters are dispatched to defined sets of customers, helping to cross sell services and build repeat business.

Instant access to any job, any time from the integrated search facility.

Lists and reports ensure that work follows priorities.

An integrated rostering facility supports planning for ongoing and one-off tasks, for the whole crew.