Customer Project Management System

Company Size : 7 employees
Company Age : 8 years
Sector : IT Projects & Services


The client had implemented a standard, off-the-shelf CRM systems some 3 years earlier, and used this system to track contact with more than 2,000 clients, prospective clients and other contacts. This system was installed on a file server located in the office.

Projects were tracked using a paper-based system, where project binders and checklists were passed between colleagues as they worked on client projects.

Enquiries with the CRM vendor proved fruitless in facilitating the integration of their project and quality systems.


  1. To seamlessly support project tracking while preserving existing functionality available in their CRM.
  2. To report on project progress for weekly management meetings.
  3. To support remote and mobile access.
  4. To enable future enhancements.


ADECSYS implemented a CRM & project management system based on BusinessManager+ to track clients, contracts and associated details, with a seamless transition from contracts to projects. Project were tracked through different phases, with standard tasks (templates) introduced at each stage.

Management reporting included project status reporting, with red/amber/green rating ensuring that priority decisions are easier.

A todo tracking system replaced a PostIt! “system”, and integrates with their email system so that staff members can cross-assign todo notes, directly linked to client records.

Key Benefits

A seamless transition of data from the existing CRM system ensured zero-downtime

Management reports for the weekly meeting are now generated from the system at a click, and are available between meetings for use as worksheets. Apart from the time savings, these reports have reduced project delays and have avoided scheduled projects loosing focus, improving customer satisfaction and shortening invoicing cycles.

The search facility in BusinessManager+ allows for instant record retrieval, allowing staff to access records, even while on phone calls.

Remote working was put to the test within 3 weeks of going live following a cold spell bringing snow, which made the office inaccessible to some employees, and they could contine working from home.