No more unbilled jobs

Company Size : 17 employees
Company Age : 5 years
Sector : Electrical Contractor


Covering an area across 4 counties, with one administrator in the office, 2 founders quoting for jobs across residential, commercial and industrial projects, this business relied on paper triplicate sheets to track and process call outs, often stacked on the dashboard until the guys return to base.

In addition to the effort to process the job reports into invoices, a key issue for the owners was that they had a hunch that some jobs passed without being invoiced at all.


  1. To reduce the time & reliability between job completion and invoicing
  2. To provide oversight of active jobs status with automated alerts for excessive delays between updates
  3. To streamline the communication of client, contact, location and job details on call-outs.


Following a process review by ADECSYS and subsequent rollout of a solution based on, jobs are planned, assigned and automatically communicated to the crew. Job updates are captured using configured templates and workflow, and trigger jobs for invoicing when complete.

The system standard Jobs Status report provides a clear overview for the founders and monitoring automatically alerts when jobs are not updated by the end of the day.

Key Benefits

The nett outcome is that time savings alone would have justified the investment in unburden, but the discovery of an average 5 jobs per month invoiced within terms has made a huge gain to their cashflow.

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